Licensing and terms of use for the "chunkx" and "chunkx creator" applications

I’m glad you’re interested in how exactly the use of chunkx and chunkx creator is regulated between you and JF//digital GmbH. To combine both our chunkx app and chunkx creator, as well as our website, we refer to them below as chunkx services. All chunkx services are the responsibility of the company JF//digital GmbH. Therefore, when we talk about we or us, we always mean the JF/digital as the operator.

1. general

The user agreement is concluded between you as a user of chunkx and us the

JF//digital GmbH
Flinger Broich, 40235 Düsseldorf
HRB 83246, Düsseldorf Local Court

closed. The Terms of Service include all services available to you through chunkx, whether you use chunkx on an iOS device, an Android device, or in the browser on any device. In addition, you can also find our privacy policy here, where you can find everything about the use of your data.

By using “chunkx” and the digital content provided therein or registering a personal account, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. Unless you agree to accept the terms of this Agreement, you may not use the “chunkx” application and the Digital Content therein or the “chunkx creator” application.

For the chunkx services to work, the device you are using chunkx on needs to be connected to the internet. Usage fees agreed with the mobile carrier or Internet provider may be incurred for this. Please note that you are solely responsible for informing yourself about and paying these possible charges.

2. rights of use

2.1 chunkx

The chunkx software is protected by copyright and remains the property of JF//digital GmbH. This includes both the iOS app chunkx and the Android app chunkx, as well as the web app chunkx, which can be opened from different end devices via various modern browsers. JF//digital GmbH grants you a simple limited license for the use of chunkx. You may not copy the chunkx software or any portion of the chunkx software, sublicense the software, rent, loan or lease the software, or distribute the software over a network or in any other electronic means. You are also prohibited from decompiling, disassembling, reverse engineering, or modifying the source code in any way.

2.2 chunkx creator

The chunkx creator software is protected by copyright and remains the property of JF//digital GmbH. JF//digital GmbH grants a simple limited license for the use of the chunkx creator within the scope of the written offers. You may not copy the chunkx creator software or any portion of the chunkx creator software, sublicense the chunkx creator software, rent the chunkx creator software, loan the chunkx creator software, lease the chunkx creator software, or distribute the chunkx creator software over a network or by any other electronic means. You are also prohibited from decompiling, disassembling, reverse engineering, or modifying the source code in any way.

JF//digital GmbH assumes no responsibility for the content provided in chunkx by you and other authors. Content (text as well as image and audio media) in chunkx must not be illegal, pornographic or glorify violence and must not link to other pages with illegal, pornographic or glorify violence content or embed such pages.. As a user of the chunkx creator, you agree to comply with this.

When you create content in the chunkx creator, you grant JF//digital GmbH the right to use this content in accordance with the terms of this agreement. of your settings via the chunkx application. Insofar as the content is published in chunkx without restrictions regarding the target group (so-called “public channels”), the content may also be listed on the websites of chunkx (, as well as their sub-sites for advertising and information purposes. You confirm that you are the copyright owner of the media you have posted or that you have the right to distribute the media in chunkx.

JF//digital GmbH is entitled to draw attention to content, channels, academies as well as author names that are publicly visible in chunkx for advertising purposes via digital and analog formats, e.g. via social media and in brochures. Both text and graphics, including customer logos used, from content published via the chunkx creator can be used.

JF//digital GmbH reserves the right to hide public content, i.e. content that is potentially visible to all users, from the app at any time. In addition, accounts may be suspended and content taken offline in the event of a violation of these Terms of Use.

Further details about your license for the chunkx creator can be found in our written offer.

3. use of the digital content of chunkx

In chunkx you will find thematic channels, academies as well as small contributions from different authors. The JF//digital has the right to show this content in chunkx and make it available for you to learn.

However, you expressly do not have the right to reproduce, copy, print, incorporate into your own print and/or online publications, or distribute the content from chunkx in any manner not offered by chunkx or JF//digital GmbH itself outside of your personal use.

4 Liability for links

Contents of third-party websites that can be linked and referred to in chunkx and that can in part be embedded directly in the app are outside the area of responsibility of JF//digital GmbH. Therefore, we cannot assume any liability for these external contents. The respective provider or operator of the pages is always responsible for the content of the linked pages.

If you notice that there are links to pages that are not related to the content of the course, or that illegal, pornographic or violent pages are opened, please write to us at and we will investigate. You can also use the “Report Content” feature in our app to alert us to violations.

5. disclaimer

JF//digital GmbH assumes no liability whatsoever with regard to the correctness, accuracy, up-to-dateness, reliability and completeness of the digital content in chunkx.

JF//digital GmbH shall not be liable for damage to software or hardware or for financial loss resulting from its performance, unless this is due to gross negligence or intent on the part of JF//digital GmbH, its vicarious agents or its legal representatives. The user is liable without limitation for damage to health, body or life. Likewise, it shall be liable for the breach of obligations that are of particular importance for achieving the purpose of the contract (cardinal obligations), in which case liability shall be limited to the amount of typically foreseeable defects.

All offers are non-binding. JF//digital GmbH expressly reserves the right to change, supplement or delete parts of chunkx or the digital content without prior notice, or to cease publication temporarily or permanently.

6. rights

The rights to content, text, graphics, videos, photos or other content in chunkx belong exclusively to JF//digital GmbH, the respective authors or the designated rights holders. For the reproduction of any elements, the written consent of the rights holders must be obtained in advance.